Emphasis in Global Business

Trends in the international economy have made it essential for businesses -both multinational and domestic- to be responsive to challenges and opportunities originating abroad. The focus of the Global Business Emphasis is to prepare the student to analyze the reasons behind the movement of goods, services, labor, capital, and production between nations and the implications of government and business policies on these flows.

This School of Business MBA Emphasis provides an alternative for students to add to their core MBA courses with offerings that focus on: 

  • International operations
  • Multinational corporations and economic integration
  • Global financial markets
  • Cross-cultural marketing
  • Study abroad
  • Global business strategies

Courses in the Global Business Emphasis include:

INTB 694W Global Marketing
Exploration of and application of marketing concepts to the demands and conditions of the global marketplace.  Critical evaluation of the marketing challenges presented by the increased exposure of individuals, businesses, and governments to international market forces.  Substitutes for MGMT 680W Marketing Management.

INTB 693W Global Finance
Study and application of finance in the global arena.  Focus of critical attention on how financial strategies, risk, tools, investments, theories, and institutions work in a global context.  Substitutes for BUAD 655W Global Business.

INTB 692W Global Strategy Capstone
Examination of how national and international competition, government interaction, product and technological development, and intra-firm coordination and their effects on the formation and implementation of business objectives, strategy, and structure. Substitutes for MGMT 697W Strategy Capstone.

INTB 676 Cambridge Study: Challenge of Global Business
Examination of the relation between political and economic structures and business activities at the regional and global levels.  Focus is on the development of regional institutions in the European Union in response to and motivator of the increasing global nature of business.  Offered in conjunction with the Institute of Economic and Political Studies, Cambridge.  Substitutes for BUAD 652 Public Policy and the Firm or INTB 691W Global Political Economy.

INTB 677 International Marketplace: Perspectives from Asia
Combining preparatory instruction at the University of Redlands with two-weeks of seminars and travel in Asia, this course evaluates the characteristics of Asian business activities and their impact on the international marketplace. Offered in conjunction with partner universities in Tokyo and Hong Kong.  Substitutes for BUAD 655 Global Business or INTB 693W Global Finance.

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