Emphasis in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Emphasis focuses on producing management professionals who can analyze and resolve complex business problems utilizing spatial information and analytics. This field is rapidly growing and has a world class industry cluster centered in Redlands, California. You have the flexibility to develop your capabilities with locational and geographic approaches to the analysis of business activities.

This MBA Emphasis provides you with the concepts and tools to manage and understand locational patterns, trends, in order to:

  • Manage geographic information
  • Apply locational knowledge for business decision making
  • Apply market segmentation and target marketing using GIS as a decision making tool
  • Assess mapping patterns and spatial trends for entering international markets and global sourcing
  • Analyze and evaluate GIS opportunities related to mobile technologies, big data, social media, and locational analytics
  • Develop and contribute to leadership of effective strategic planning and management using geographic information and GIS
  • Utilize leading GIS technology tools and apply them as part of a team in developing a strategic plan for a local firm or government office

Courses in the Geographic Information Systems Emphasis

GISB 691W GIS for Marketing (4 units)
Examination of the strategic marketing planning process, with special emphasis on components for which geographic information systems (GIS) can provide valuable decision-making support. Focus on the use of GIS in support of environmental scanning, market segmentation, target marketing, test marketing, distribution, and targeted promotional activities.

GISB 692W Spatial Analysis for Global Business (4 units)
Evaluation using geographic information systems (GIS) of core business functions in an international context and the implications of global issues for business decision makers.

GISB 694W Contemporary Planning of Business GIS (4 units)
Examination and analysis of the information systems topical areas of databases, big data, mobile technologies, social media, outsourcing, and how they underpin contemporary GIS. Includes planning, design, and consulting for GIS.

GISB 695W GIS Strategy: Concepts & Implementation (4 units)
Integration of course concepts on GIS systems planning, decision making, and strategy with prior coursework. Student teams work with top management of a local company to develop a geographic information systems (GIS) Strategic Design Plan. The outcome is a Strategic GIS plan presented to the firm.

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