Emphasis in Finance

The Finance Emphasis focuses on developing comprehensive insight into financial markets and analyzing the rationale behind the financial actions taken within firms. Finance emphasis courses examine the linkages between the financial structures present in the external environment and the financial arrangements internal to business. Students investigate a variety of approaches and tools useful in financial decision making to evaluate risk and return in both the domestic and global contexts.

This School of Business MBA Emphasis provides an alternative for students to substitute core MBA courses with offerings that focus on:

  • Operating characteristics of financial intermediaries and financial markets
  • The relationship between elements of risk and diversification
  • Corporate approaches to global financial markets
  • The integration of financial decision making on corporate actions and success

Courses in the Finance Emphasis

FINC 661W Financial Markets and Institutions
Analysis of the role of money/capital markets and financial institutions in the allocation of capital in the economy. Depository and non-depository financial institutions are examined with special attention to the evolution and regulation of such institutions. Substitutes for MGMT 680W Marketing Management.

FINC 662W Investment Theory and Analysis
Examination of the theoretical framework for investments and portfolio analysis. Focuses on development of investment objectives and evaluation of risk-return trade-off leading up to optimal portfolio selection and management. Substitutes for BUAD 655W Global Business.

FINC 664W Financial Strategy Capstone
Capstone seminar that synthesizes topics from core and Finance Emphasis courses through financial modeling, analysis, simulation and strategy. Substitutes for MGMT 697W Strategy Capstone.

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