Global Business Certificate

Trends in the international economy have made it essential for businesses-both multinational and domestic-to be responsive to challenges and opportunities originating abroad. The goal is to prepare the student to analyze reasons behind the movement of goods, services, labor, capital, and production between nations, Students should also be capable of analyzing implications of government and business policies on these flows.

Major topics include:

  • International operations
  • Multinational corporations and economic integration
  • Global financial markets
  • Cross-cultural marketing
  • Global business strategies

Courses meet Saturdays, twice per month, for two months, with additional instruction and assignments conducted through on-line meetings. In-class sessions are held on the Redlands main campus or at a regional campus near you.

Contact your local center for dates and times.

Courses in the Global Business Certificate

  • INTB 694W Global Marketing
  • INTB 693W Global Finance
  • INTB 692W Global Strategy Capstone

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