Speaker Series 2014-2015

Spatial Data: The Fuel for Spatial Decision-Making - Dr. Peter Keenan, Senior Lecturer, School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland

The Criticality of GIS Basemaps: Quality as the Key to Success - Milton Ospina, Business Development Manager, HERE, a Nokia Business

Applying Real-Time GIS - Adam Mollenkopf, Solutions Product Manager, Esri

GIS Day: rKnowledge: The Spatial Diffusion of rDNA Methods - Dr. David Rigby, Professor of Geography and Statistics, California Center for Population Research, University of California, Los Angeles

Incorporating GIS Technology into Local Government: The Rancho Cucamonga Story - Ingrid Bruce, GIS/Special Districts Manager & Solomon Nimake, Sr. GIS Analyst, City of Rancho Cucamonga

  • To read an online article about the extensive GIS work that Ingrid Bruce and her team has done in the City of Rancho Cucamonga for the benefit of citizens, various departments, businesses, and the community at large, click here.

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