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The University of Redlands School of Business, and Continuing Studies both offer certificate programs for working professionals. The School of Business offers certificates in Finance, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Business and Information Systems.

Continuing Studies offers certificates in Accounting, Project ManagementHuman Resources Management, Healthcare AdministrationMarketing, Professional Financial Planning, Organizational Leadership, Purchasing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and The New Mainframe: IBM System z.

Unlike our degree programs, there is no formal admissions requirements to enroll in these courses and certificates.

In the School of Business, certificate courses meet Saturdays, twice per month, for two months, with additional instruction and assignments conducted through on-line meetings. In-class session are held on the Redlands main campus or at a regional location near you. If you should subsequently decide to earn your MBA from the University of Redlands School of Business, you may be able to apply certificate courses toward your degree.

Call 888-999-9844 for more information or to register.

School of Business certificates require graduate standing and may be applicable to your MBA.  Continuing Studies certificates are open to anyone interested in pursuing professional education and may be applicable to your undergraduate degree.   


How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.