Bachelor of Science in Business

A Bachelor of Science in Business degree from the University of Redlands School of Business is designed to go beyond traditional administration or management degrees, allowing students to focus on a specific industry while providing crucial business knowledge and building advanced critical thinking skills.

It enhances the knowledge and effectiveness of business professionals by linking their experiences with theories taught in the modern classroom. Students learn how to apply business concepts in solving problems, synthesizing information and integrating knowledge learned in real-world and classroom settings. The themes of ethics, communication, critical thinking and organizing global knowledge from a cultural and geographic perspective are woven into the program and demonstrated in course projects

Business leaders point out that students with a broad liberal arts background are often better able to see things in a new light and make sense of ideas in different contexts. Such students excel at problem solving and critical thinking, and are able to communicate their ideas clearly and compellingly. A liberal arts education, blended with the traditional business foundation, provides students with a bridge from the theories learned in the classroom to a practical application of new skills and knowledge.

Our students complete the bachelor of science in business degree with directly measurable skills. Our graduates are able to demonstrate that they can analyze an industry effectively. Students complete the BS in Business degree with more than a diplomathey have documents in hand that demonstrate their learning and their competencies.

Bachelor of Science in Business at-a-glance tableNote: Students who were enrolled in the bachelor of science in business program prior to September 2007 will find details and descriptions of that program on Blackboard at the "School of Business Undergraduate Portal."


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