Consultancy Capstone Course- Domestic and Global


The Difference Between Global and Domestic Capstone Experiences 

Twice each year, during the winter and summer capstone periods, the School of Business offers our undergraduate and graduate students two unique options for completing the capstone requirement: a global consultancy with a British firm and a domestic consulting engagement with an organization located in Southern California.

These courses provide an opportunity for selected students to apply the knowledge they have gained through their studies to a practical consulting experience. A critical aspect of the consulting engagement is that students will be required to think creatively and work outside their comfort zone.

For more information regarding the course objectives and the application process, click on the links below.

Application Deadlines

Winter 2015 – October 17, 2014

Summer 2015– April 3, 2014

Course Details - Global

Application Process - Global

Course Details - Domestic

Application Process - Domestic


Submissions and requests for additional details should be directed to

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