Business GIS and Spatial Analysis Links

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Business GIS and Spatial Analysis Links

GIS Industry

ESRI is the world's largest GIS software vendor and its hometown is Redlands, California. The website contains a wealth of information on ESRI's products, conferences, case studies, ESRI magazines, and some outside publications, including

ESRI Inc. information on the role of GIS in business ( and the

ESRI Inc. Information on ROI for GIS in business ( ESRI maintains a large collection of “Data and Maps” ( that are available to University of Redlands students for classroom usage. This is one of the quickest and easiest places to locate some data that might be incorporated into the design for the class project. The ESRI website also gives access to electronic copies of two GIS magazines, ArcUser and ArcNews, that serve as sources of information on GIS applications and might be sources for the article report of Week 1.

Directions Magazine
Directions Magazine contains current short articles on industry and business developments in spatial technologies.

GIS in Business

LBx Journal
This new journal focuses on locational intelligence and business spatial information systems. LBx Journal is oriented towards executives who seek success in managing GIS and spatial resources and towards geospatial firms that seek to enlarge their customer bases.

GeoSpatial Solutions
GeoSpatial Solutions has pertinent articles and news about trends and developments in the geospatial world.

GIS Development
This GIS portal, based in India, covers very up-to-date happenings and links for the GIS industry and spatial data products, with an emphasis on India and Asia. They include some information on Business GIS specifically at

Open GIS Consortium
This organization sets many of the international standards for GIS software and web services. OGC is a non-profit with corporate and government representatives.

GIS Data Sources

CIA World Factbook
Contains general maps of nearly all countries worldwide and a variety of social, economic, and political data. The rank order of the country can be compared through worldwide look-up tables that are readily available.

U.S. Census Bureau
Contains vast amount of U.S. population, economic, and social data. The geographic division establishes the census geography for the U.S. Has built-in web mapping available for most of the census geography and selected attributes, down to the census tract level.

A simple mapping interface that lets users design attractive maps using data their own data that they have uploaded or data from others.

WorldMapper shows a wide range of international data in the form of cartograms, where the shapes and sizes of countries are distorted to represent the variable being mapped. Brief summaries of trends are given.

Remarkable summary graphs and maps on world development trends.

Social Explorer.
Has demographic information about the United States. Available on the UoR campus for free.

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