BAMG 430 Resources

The following learning resources are provided for faculty and students. While this information is linked to the BAMG 430 course, the content may be helpful for students any time during their BAM program.

Instructors are reminded that the syllabus for the BAMG 430 course is accessible from Public Folders for the School of Business. Students will receive their course syllabus from their instructors via Blackboard two weeks prior to the start of the BAMG 430 course.

Introducing BAMG 430

Frequently Asked Questions about BAMG 430

Varieties of Research Design

What Statistical Test Should I Use?

How Many Subjects? A Quick Guideline for Interview Research

How to Choose a Research Method

How to Construct an Interview Protocol

On Fieldnotes

Six Key Concepts in Social Research

Characteristics of Quantitative, Qualitative, and Action Research: Types of Research

How to Get the Most Out of Paper Discussion Sessions

Survey Methodology

Action Research for the Study of Organizations

Suggested Readings on Social Research

Appendixes B, C, D, and E

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