Mathematics for Business Review

Welcome to the University of Redlands School of Business “Mathematics for Business” Review.

In your program, you will be taking a number of courses which are quantitative in nature and which will draw on your knowledge of certain fundamental mathematical skills. Some of these skills will be taught in the undergraduate program course, BUSB 145: Mathematical Foundations for Business. However, even that course requires a certain level of math proficiency. This Mathematics Review will help you assess your understanding of rudimentary algebraic concepts necessary to complete both the business math course (BUSB 145) and other quantitative courses in your program successfully.

The Module consists of ten sections. Each section contains several example problems that require knowledge of certain math skills needed to complete your courses. We strongly recommend that you attempt to solve these problems and use them as a self-assessment tool to gauge your readiness for our courses.

As you begin to work through the review, you will notice that the correct answers are provided for each problem in a separate document. If you encounter difficulty with any of the concepts addressed in this review and feel the need to consult an expert, consider yourself “un-or-under-prepared”. In such an event, we strongly encourage you to be pro-active and seek assistance through: 

a) tutoring arranged privately, or through the School of Business (contact local campus for details),
b) registering for one of the “free” quantitative workshops offered by the School of Business (contact local campus to register for such a workshop),
c) consulting a math review book such as Schaums’s Intermediate Algebra (available at most bookstores and some libraries), or by,
d) using an online learning source such as (ALEKS is a self-paced program with a variety of course products available at many levels of math competency. ALEKS costs about $20 per module, with four weeks allotted to complete each module that is selected.)

ALEKS consists of a variety of course products at many different levels. In general, concepts in Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, and Beginning Algebra modules are the least advanced, followed by Algebra 1 & 2. The modules entitled Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Foundations of Business Math are helpful in reviewing the basics of algebra, many of which are needed in our courses. The Foundations of Business Math and the Business Math modules also include some of the concepts covered in the algebra modules; these modules include some applications as well. In addition, there are also modules in Fundamentals of Accounting, Introduction to Statistics, and Business Statistics that may be helpful in related courses.

Our purpose in creating this Math for Business Review is to ensure that all of our School of Business students will be able to negotiate the quantitative content of our courses. We trust that you will find the Review a helpful tool and a great source of support and encouragement throughout your program.

Best wishes to you in all of your academic endeavors!


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