Davidson and Rawding Endowed Scholarship Awards

Each year, our regional campus staff nominates students for scholarships set up by our generous alumni and donors. The Davidson, and Rawding Endowed Scholarship Awards are just two of our current scholarships.

The award criteria are as follows:

Williamina Davidson, Evelyn Remer Matich and Catherine Matich Endowed Scholarship ($4,350)

• Inland Empire Resident (Riverside or SB County)
• At least 3.75 Cumulative GPA
• Completed minimum 18 units
• Currently on financial aid
• Graduate or undergraduate student

Kathie J. Rawding Endowed Scholarship Award ($1,000)

• Woman of color
• Has completed four or more courses
• Demonstrates financial need
• Not receiving tuition reimbursement from her employer
• Graduate or undergraduate student

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