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For nearly 40 years, Redlands has been a pioneer in developing and delivering education to adults, working professionals and corporations. The School of Business makes it possible for busy people to achieve their goals and maintain a life balance.

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Whether you’re a mid-career professional seeking to advance your skill set so you’ll be ready for your next promotion, or thinking about starting your second or third…or sixth new career, our School of Business can help you fulfill your vision. We believe you shouldn’t have to move, wait until your kids go off to college, or radically alter your life in order to get the degree you want, or need.

We know you’re busy and we believe attending class one night a week is manageable. With degree programs offered at branch campuses throughout Southern California, we hope you’ll visit one of our campuses and find out how we successfully merge the busy lives of adult students with a transformative education that makes people better: Better at listening, at speaking, at solving problems and leading others.

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What started as a freshman prank in 1913?
The giant R

The giant "R" seen on the mountain north of the University that is about one-third the size of the Quad.

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