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Lead investigators (pictured left to right): Dr. Celine Ko in Psychology, Dr. Fran Grace in Religious Studies, and Dr. Lisa Olson in Biology.

There are thousands of published articles on the benefits of meditation, but the University of Redlands is conducting a unique study on the college students who are enrolled in its pioneering meditation curriculum. Lead investigators are Dr. Lisa Olson in Biology, Dr. Celine Ko in Psychology, and Dr. Fran Grace in Religious Studies. 

What are the benefits for students when they are in a holistic learning environment that includes meditation and other methods for inner inquiry in the academic training?   Since we are one of the first Universities in the country to have a meditation-based sub-curriculum, we have a unique opportunity to study the effects on college students. 

This research is made possible by a grant from the Trust for the Meditation Process, a charitable foundation encouraging meditation and contemplative prayer.”      


                                                                                                                                                         Conference Research Presentations co-authored with Undergraduate Students:

A.C. Heuerman, G.N. Chavez, M.C. Green, M. Huerta, J. Ov, P.L. Overton-Harris, F. Grace, C.M. Ko, L.E. Olson. Use of a Modified Trier Social Stress Test to Assess an Undergraduate Meditation Course.  Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2013. Abstract

M. Hernandez, C. Gannon, C.M. Ko, F. Grace, L.E. Olson.   Impact of One-Day Mindfulness Intervention on Mindfulness and State Anxiety.  Western Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, 2013. Abstract

Additional Resources:

Books and journal articles on the Meditation Room Resources Link.

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