Work Study Positions in Johnston

Whether you’re looking for leadership or travel opportunities, Johnston can help you fulfill your goals.

Below are employment opportunities for Johnston students. Please note that you must have a “work-study” award to fill one of these positions. Not all positions are available each semester.

Johnston Desk Sitters

The responsibility of the desk sitter is to vocally engage visitors and direct them to their desired location (most often a professor’s office).

Java Coffee House Staff (Daytime and Nighttime)

Johnston has two cafés (both named Java) that are managed and maintained solely by students. Employees are responsible for the creation and service of all manner of delectable treats. The menu depends entirely on the choice of the manager for that semester or year. Both establishments offer free coffee to community members.

Community Intern

The Community Intern is, in a sense, a "community organizer" for Johnston. He/She throws events for the students, faculty, and staff of the Johnston Center (i.e. open mics, concerts, community dinners, retreats, service opportunities, etc.) that aim to strengthen our community as a whole.

Office Assistants

As an office assistant, one is expected to assist students and faculty with the academic aspects of Johnston. Often times this means taking on projects that create systems for streamlining the process so that documents like receipts, contracts, and readings reach their intended destinations in an expedited fashion.

Research Assistants

Research Assistants work with faculty on projects related to classes and scholarship.

Johnston/ASUR Relations Facilitator

This position is one of Johnston’s strongest links to the College of Arts and Sciences. As the facilitator, one is expected to attend regular student governance meetings, present the concerns of the Johnston Center, and then communicate back to the community during community meetings.

Johnston Public Relations and Marketing Intern

This position will be responsible for public relations and marketing of Johnston events and activities related to the living-learning community. This work includes making fliers, posters, brochures, etc. Additionally, this student worker will be responsible for updating the Johnston website and designing the Johnston newsletter for alumni. This position will also work out of the Johnston office and do some light office work as well (e.g. copying, organizing, emailing Graphic design and writing skills are a must.

Alumni Relations Intern

This position will take an active role in Alumni Relations and Development. The student worker will sit in on Alumni Board meetings (held approximately 4 times per year) and work with the Director of the Johnston Center on projects related to Johnston alumni (e.g., writing thank you letters, calling alumni, design programs for reunions). This position will also work out of the Johnston office and do some light office work as well (e.g. copying, organizing, emailing). Strong writing skills, an ability to speak clearly and effectively on the phone, and an interest in community sustainability are necessary.

Study Abroad Intern

This student should have an interest in Mexico and/or Latin America to help with the work aimed at organizing the Johnston Integrated Semester in Oaxaca and Guatemala. The ideal student to fill this position will be bilingual in English/Spanish; familiar with Johnston and/or active in the broader University community; computer and web literate; have some background in graphic design/art.

Thurber, an English bulldog, is the University's mascot.

He is named after Clarence Howe Thurber, University president from 1933-37.

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