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Admitted Students Day 2011

Do you feel constrained by the education you’ve received? Do you feel limited by a one-way transmission of knowledge that doesn’t engage or enliven your intellect and passions? Do you believe that discussion shouldn’t stop at the border of the classroom door? Do you see the world less as a “major” and more as an infinite series of connected ideas and practices? And do you want to debate all of these ideas in a dynamic living-learning community of professors and students? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, one of the country’s leading centers of innovative education for over forty years, is the right place for you.

Welcome to what might be the best choice of your life. Johnston is based on a simple idea: that students should be allowed and even encouraged to take control of their own education. The program is organized on four principles:

  • Self-direction is a motivating force in learning,
  • Negotiation among those involved in teaching and learning optimizes student ownership of education,
  • Written evaluations are a highly effective means of assessing student performance,
  • Education can be made more effective by integrating students’ living and learning environments.

In an era where education is still often about the passive consumption of knowledge, our ideas are still radical. But they work. Our graduates go to law school and medical school. They get their masters and doctorates in areas such as criminal justice, literature, and non-profit arts management. They become activists, artists, journalists, rabbis, therapists, policy-makers, and community organizers. And most important, they become better versions of themselves.

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Julie Townsend, Director of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies and Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities 909-748-8616

Mary Grace "MG" Maloney, Assistant Director of the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies 909-748-8393

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