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Students celebrate a Johnston graduation review

Johnston graduation review. Image by James Greene, 2013.

Commencement: April 23, 2016
Units required to graduate: 128

The Graduation Review is it—your rite of passage out of college, Johnston, and whatever other life experiences you have survived and relished in the last four to five years. This is the meeting where your advisor reads an objective précis of your education based on your evals. Faculty and peers ask you questions about what you’ve learned. You can reflect on how you took ownership of your education, what worked, what didn’t, what the community was like (or not like) for you. It is the most exciting and memorable aspect of the Johnston academic process. Graduation Reviews will be held this year between January 18 and February 26 and March 7 to April 15.

Sara Joern waits to graduate in 2010.

The following steps will take you through this exciting process:

  1. See the Checklist for Seniors for a handy guide to this process  

    We will have a calendar in the hallway of Bekins across from the Johnston Administrative Assistant’s office (Kerry Robles). We will have times and dates for grad reviews on this calendar. Check with your advisor regarding their preferences. You also need three other faculty and two Johnston students who are graduating with you, have already graduated or at least have a contract on file. When you have confirmed the date and time with everyone, and got their signatures on the sign up sheet, turn this sheet into Kerry and she will schedule your grad review. Only Kerry can accept your sign up sheet. If she is not available in the office, please come back. Confirmation of your date is also a commitment that you will have all of the following done 3 weeks before the date of your grad review. 
  2. Rewrite your Narrative. Be sure to consider your audience: graduate schools and employers. Share this with your advisor.
  3. Redo your chronological list of courses. This is actually very easy to do while looking at your transcript. Review this with your advisor.# # 
  4. Redo your course list by discipline. Review this with your advisor.
  5. Complete the Addendum form. These forms are housed in the Johnston Office. You will probably need several. The instructions are easy to follow. Each of these forms needs to be signed by you, your advisor and the director. Fill it out, making very clear the reasons for the changes. When your advisor has signed the form, give it to the Johnston Director WITH: courses listed by both discipline and chronologically (both what you planned to take and what you actually took). If the changes are small enough, the Director will approve and sign your contract. You then take your form to the Johnston Registrar to be sure that it becomes part of your permanent record. If the Director judges the changes to be more substantive -for example, a change of concentration or failure to complete courses outlined and/or stipulations, the director will inform you of the next steps you need to take to graduate.
  6. It is also nice to have a new cover sheet for your contract. Your advisor signs this after you finish steps 1-4.
  7. Then you can bring everything to Teresa in the Registrar’s Office. Please remember to give Teresa your phone number. When she has read your contract, she will call you to schedule a grad check. You will go over the contract and course lists together. Teresa might have a few suggestions. Please feel free to ask Teresa any questions that you have regarding Commencement.
  8. Please make any corrections to your contract and bring the final version to Teresa.

Students Celebrate Graduation

Important: If you are waiting on evaluations from faculty, now is the time to nag them to write them. Your advisor will need evals from all your courses in order to write the best possible précis. You do have the option of writing your own evaluation for the course and then asking the faculty member to sign it. Teresa and the director will then be able to post that evaluation to your file.

We will deliver copies of your contract packet to all of your committee members. If you would like to advertise for your grad review, then just bring your poster to the Johnston office and we will copy it for you.

You will pass, we assume, contingent on completing work and taking care of any other issues with your contract. Remember that you will not have a degree until you complete all of your units, all of your stipulations, and all of your “paperwork” is completed. If you have any questions or concerns, please resolve them with your advisor as quickly as possible.

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