Learn your Buffalo-cabulary

Students at graduation, 2010.

Graduates Sophia Kandell and Monet Malek come back to MC Graduation in 2010. Photo by James Greene, 2013

Below are words and phrases important to life in Johnston.

Living-learning: We are a living-learning community. Faculty and students share the same space, academic conversations flow from the classroom to the porch, and decisions about community space are made collectively through consensus.

Consensus: Aaahhh, the vision, the dream, the ideal. Can you live with something because it is good for the group, even though it may not be your own preference? That’s consensus in a nutshell, and we strive to achieve this in Community meetings.

Community meetings: Every Tuesday in Holt Lobby. We talk about student policy, plan events, make announcement, and debate ideas.

History: We’ve been around since 1969 and we like to talk about our history a lot. We’ve even written two books about them.  

Hard Travelin' and Still Havin' a Good Time

As long as you're having a good time: A History of Johnston College, 1969-1979 

Contracting classes: Students individualize all (or most) of their classes through a written contract. For more on this, see the student handbook.    

Course and faculty evaluations: We think narrative evaluations are a much more effective way for both students and professors to develop as thinkers, writers, and communicators. Student Handbook 

GYST: Acronym for “Get Your &*%$! Together.” It’s a philosophy and a practice.

The Buffalo: We honor the Buffalo and we like to shout it a lot, like this: BUUUFFFFAAAAALLLLOOOOOO!

Buffalo Fest: A big old party in the spring that celebrates all things Buffalo, with bands and bouncy castles.

“On complex”: We call the buildings Bekins and Holt the “complex.” As in, “Do you live on complex?” “But of course!”

Contract committee: Your graduation plan, in narrative form. Student Handbook.

Graduation committee: A big advising session where your graduation contract is discussed and approved. Student Handbook

Johnny Cash Day: A day of music where we celebrate the man in black, just because we can.

Oaxaca Integrated Semester: Taking the philosophy of living-learning on the road and to the extreme—four months of study and travel through the cities, villages, mountains, valleys, lakes and beaches of southern Mexico and Guatemala pursuing your interests to integrate into your contract and helping the others in the group do the same.

Teresa Area, Registrar: The most important person you will ever want to meet. Despite all of our shenanigans, she keeps track of our academic records and helps us through the academic process.

The Johnston Director: The guardian of, administrator for, and advocate on behalf of all things Johnston-y, particularly academics.

The Assistant Director: The guardian of, administrator for, and advocate on behalf of all things Johnston, particularly housing and student life.

The Community Director and Staff: Students who commit to watch over the community and keep it safe. They work hard and need lots of appreciation.

Daytime and Nighttime Java: Community gathering spaces to eat, play, study, sing, and dance.

Curriculum Building: If they are so inclined, students can play a central role in what their professors teach. Curriculum Building is where this happens.

How large is the main campus?
160 acres

The campus of the University of Redlands covers 160 acres.