CAS internal transfers

Do you want to transfer into Johnston from the College of Arts and Sciences?

Here are the steps that you must take . . .

  1. Complete a supplemental application (available online or in the Johnston office). Turn this in to the Assistant Director of the Johnston Center, Mary Grace "MG" Maloney, by the deadline (usually mid-September of your sophomore year). 
  2. The Assistant Director will schedule an interview with you. At that interview, she will give you guidance about how best to learn about the community, Johnston academics, and the advising process.
  3. Begin meeting with your advisor*, and the Assistant Director to write your graduation contract. 
  4. The Assistant Director will consult with the Director of the Johnston Center about your application and contract. After this, the Assistant Director will notify you if your contract is accepted. Some contracts may be sent back to you and your advisor for more work. Not all internal contracts are accepted every year.
  5. Once approved for committee, you and your advisor will schedule the contract meeting with the Administrative Assistant in the Johnston office. At the successful completion of the contract committee meeting, you'll be transferred into Johnston.

(* If you are in the process of changing academic advisors, please do so ASAP. Your new advisor should be helping you with your contract.)

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