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Johnston Summer Seminar

As part of our larger effort to enrich our alumni community, Bill McDonald will be offering a week-long seminar for JC alums (and interested spouses/partners) from June 23 to 30 at the renowned Asilomar conference center in Pacific Grove on the Monterey peninsula. A beautiful setting, full room and board, plus many amenities.

The subject will be "Ovid's Metamorphoses." the Roman poet's inventive epic on change, transformation, shape-shifting, and mythology's significance. Arguably, only the Bible, Homer, and Plato—and maybe just the Bible—have had greater literary impact on Western culture than this poem. So we'll read great poetry together, and take up, in Ovid's playful idiom, serious questions about the psyche (then and now), theology and polytheism, philosophies of change, gender roles and instability, hybridity, exile, allegories of the artist and art-making, and narrative's power to reshape and to reform readers into its image. In addition we may tackle several modern recastings of Ovid's stories: Kafka; Rilke; others to be determinedif those who enroll are interested, Johnston-style, in following Ovid into our era. ¬†Johnston 3rd-year-student Rachel Reynolds (Class of 2013), a fine Latinist, will join us and provide language expertise—and (she promises) a challenging Ovidian board game; we're lucky to have her.

We'll meet in two-hour sessions twice a day, plus an evening or two, to discuss/analyze/celebrate the poem and its cultural consequences. There'll be plenty of time left over for holiday activities: the beach, hiking, side trips, dinners together, early morning runs or musing over coffee, and at least two wine tastings drawn from Bill's wine cellar. To enable seminar dynamics, we're limiting enrollment to 18, including spouses who want to participate (no, they needn't be alums). Of course some partners may prefer the beach while their spouse sojourns with Narcissus, Venus and Orpheus; that's cool. Children are welcome, though Asilomar charges $89 per child per day, and supervision will be the responsibility of the parents. If there are one or two motivated high school family members who want to join the seminar, well and good! Logistics and costs for full room and board:

Single accommodations (pp): $1,424
Double accommodations (pp): $1,053
Triple accommodations (pp): $742
Child (pp): $623

Our anonymous alumna donor, the Fly-By-Night Foundation, in addition to picking up many costs of the program, is offering $3,700 in assistance to those who need financial help. Obviously this limits the amount of money that can be given to each individual. So we're asking that each of you honestly assess your need (no income tax forms or other financials required, just your honesty), and a campus group will award the grants. Grants and enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't delay. Please contact Bill McDonald if you are interested in a grant. We're requiring a $400 deposit by March 15, and a full payment by April 10. Register online by going to:

Please contact Dena Gilbert in the Office of Alumni Relations with questions regarding payment or to make roommate connections: or call 909-749-8011. For more information about the seminar itself—reading, organization, etc—please contact

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