Patricia Karlin-Neumann

Patricia Karlin-Neumann (‘76)
Palo Alto, CA
Profession: Rabbi, Senior Associate Dean for Religious Life, Stanford University
Johnston Emphasis: Nonviolent Social Change

"Johnston, with its strong individualism and strong practice of community, gave me courage. The faculty and my classmates believed in me so I went off to rabbinic school where virtually no American women had gone before. My teachers and friends thought I could do this, and I try to instill that same confidence in my students now. In this, I imitated Johnston, a path-breaking institution. It's also helped me develop, even invent, jobs that didn't exist before I arrived."

"I left Johnston with the question, how can a place so unabashedly dedicated to the individual learner do so well in cultivating people who care about others? And the answer I came to comes partly from a sense of partnership -- class contract, grad contract, even choosing who should give you your diploma at graduation -- all of which linked us to something larger than ourselves.”

When asked if she has a quote that might best describe her Johnston education, Patricia replied, “I'll respond with two Jewish teachings that have helped to organize my life: ‘Make for yourself a teacher, acquire for yourself a friend’ and ‘Love human beings and bring them close to learning.’”

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