Life After Johnston

Johnston students studying in residence hall

If you think a degree from Johnston sounds unconventional, you’re right!

Our graduates follow all kinds of career paths from graduate school to community organizing to entrepreneurial projects, to government service, and so on. Because students design their own courses of study, many Johnston students are able to craft an education that effectively launches them into their post-graduate lives.

Johnston alumni talk about how the process of negotiating contracts and living in a consensus community helps them succeed in their professional lives.

Here are some examples of what Johnston graduates have gone on to do:

Emily Pepin (’09)
Emphasis: Approaching the Human Condition with Awareness and Compassion

Amos Joshua (’09)
Emphasis: Climbing the Shoulders of Giants: Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science

Taylor van Amerongen (’08)
Emphasis: Race and Ethnic Studies, Identity and Media

Denise Davis (’06)
Emphasis: Social Psychology of Gender and Multiculturalism for Social Change

Devin Bryant (’04)
Emphasis: Astro-Politics

Benjamin Cook (’97)
Emphasis: Narrative Studies and Comparative Cultures

Clary Tepper (’91)
Emphasis: Psychology, Women’s Studies, and Outdoor Education

Eric Tepper (’90)
Emphasis: Personal and Interpersonal Human Understanding and Communication

Gayle Brandeis (’90)
Emphasis: Poetry and Movement: Arts, Expression, Meditation, and Healing

Elizabeth Adams (’80)
Emphasis: Biology and Humanities

Kathryn Green (’76)
Emphasis: History

Patricia Karlin-Neumann (’76)
Emphasis: Nonviolent Social Change

John Ruark (’73)
Emphasis: Interpersonal Communication

Debbie Heap (’71 and ’86)
Emphasis: Founding Student

Quiet the Mind
meditation room

The University’s Meditation Room opened in 2007 and is one of the first “contemplative classroom” spaces in the country.

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