Department Faculty

The following list includes information provided and maintained by the Human Resources department.
  1. Douglas Bowman
  2. Kelly Hankin
  3. Bill McDonald
  4. Julie Townsend
Portrait of Kelly Hankin

Kelly Hankin

Portrait of Denise Davis Denise Davis

Professor Julie Townsend Professor Julie Townsend

Professor Kathy Ogren Professor Kathy Ogren

Johnston Affiliated Faculty from across the College of Arts and Sciences:

Ben Aronson, Professor of Biology
James Blauth, Professor of Biology
Leslie Brody, Professor of Creative Writing
Karen Derris, Professor of Religious Studies
Lorenzo Garbo, Professor of Economics
Patricia Geary, Professor of Creative Writing
Eric Hill, Professor of Physics
Daniel Kiefer, Professor of English
James Krueger, Professor of Philosophy
PennyMcElroy, Professor of Art
Fred Rabinowitz, Professor of Psychology
Bill Rocque, Professor of Sociology
Sara Schoonmaker, Professor of Sociology
Alisa Slaughter, Professor of Creative Writing
Pat Wasielewski, Professor of Sociology

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