Kelly Hankin

Professor, Johnston

Degrees: Ph.D. University of Rochester 2000.

Office: Johnston Center, Bekins-Holt Hall #105

Office Hours: By appointment

Phone: 909/748-8614



Academic Interests and Areas of Expertise

Film and Media Studies (Feminism and Film, Women Filmmakers, Analyses of Production); Lesbian, Gay, Queer Studies; Food Studies; Pedagogy

Professional Background

Associate Professor Kelly Hankin received her Ph.D. in Film Studies from the University of Rochester in 2000 and has been teaching at Redlands since 2002. She is the author of "The Girls in the Back Room: Looking at the Lesbian Bar" (University of Minnesota Press, 2002) and numerous articles on the intersections between gender, sexuality, and the moving image. She is also the screenwriter of "A Woman Reported," which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and is available on The Ultimate Lesbian Short Film (2006). She has also been the recipient of the University of Redlands “Innovative Teaching Award.”

Courses Offered at Redlands

  • Documentary and Controversy
  • How to Make a Documentary
  • Feminist Film Activism
  • Chickflicks: Women Filmmakers
  • Gender and Food
  • Films that Make You Want to Make Movies
  • Film Exhibition
  • Gay, Lesbian, Queer Cinemas
  • Lesbian Literatures
  • Lunafest: Film and Social Change
  • Channeling Belief: Media and Religion
  • Johnston First Year Seminars

Degrees Held

Ph.D. University of Rochester 2000

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Rochester 2000-2001
  • Old Dominion University, 2001-2002

Professional Experience

Programmer and Curator, ImageOut: The Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Awards, Honors and Grants

  • Innovative Teaching Award, University of Redlands
  • Audience Award, Best Short Documentary, Outfest: The Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 2000 (Straight Down the Aisle: Confessions of Lesbian Bridesmaids)
  • Sundance Film Selection, 2004 (A Woman Reported)


The Girls in the Back Room: Looking at the Lesbian Bar (University of Minnesota Press, 2002)

“Adapting Lesbians: Maria Maggenti and the Practice of Lesbian Screenwriting” Adaptation 0.0 (2009): 1-15.

“Documentaries About Women Filmmakers as Feminist Activism” NWSA Journal 19.1 (Spring 2007): 59-89.

“Lesbian ‘Making-Of’ Documentaries and the Production of Lesbian Sex,” The Velvet Light Trap 53 (Spring 2004): 26-39.

"Lesbian Locations: The Production of Lesbian Bar Space in The Killing of Sister George," Cinema Journal 41.1 (fall 2001)

"'Wish We Didn't Have to Meet Secretly?': Negotiating Contemporary Space in the Lesbian Bar Documentary," Camera Obscura 45.3 (2001): 35-69

"Rebel Without A Choice?: Femme Spectatorship in Hollywood Cinema," The Velvet Light Trap 41 (1998): 3-18

"Femme Icon: Interview With Madeline Davis," Eds. Laura Harris and Elizabeth Crocker. Femme: Feminists, Lesbians, Bad Girls (London & New York: Routledge, 1997) 52-60.

Screenplay and Production Experience

Screenwriter, "A Woman Reported" (directed by Chris Russo, USA, 5 minutes, 35mm, 2004)
2004 Sundance Film Festival selection

  • Winner, “best lesbian short,” Fort Worth Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival, 2004
  • Included in DVD compilation—Best Lesbian Short Films

Co-screenwriter (with Christine J. Russo), feature length adaptation of Judith Mayne's Directed By Dorothy Arzner (Indiana U.P., 1994)

Director, "Straight Down the Aisle: Confessions of Lesbian Bridesmaids" (with Chris Russo, USA, 23 minutes, video, 2000)

  • Audience Award, "Best Documentary Short," Outfest: The Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, 2000
  • Audience Award, "Best Girl's Short," Austin Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival, 2000

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