Barney Childs

"Barney Childs: Poetry 1 Textbook and Poetry Anthologies"

Barney Childs (1926-2000) was a professor at the University of Redlands from 1971 until his death, teaching music at the School of Music and poetry at the Johnston Center.

In 1993 he completed the text of his Poetry 1 instructional textbook, but it has remained unpublished until this time. We are pleased to announce that the book can now be purchased in print and soon in e-book editions from Amazon. All profits from the sale of the book will benefit the Johnston Center.

As part of his Poetry 1 and Poetry 2 courses, Professor Childs also compiled anthologies of poetry, which include selections by well-known figures such as Shakespeare, Keats, Whitman and Dickinson, as well as poems by several of his Johnston Center poetry students. Those anthologies will be reprinted here, as an online supplement for the Poetry 1 textbook. We hope that readers of Professor Childs' work will find them of interest.


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