Organizational Leadership Certificate

This Certificate provides you with a global understanding of how to lead within your sphere of influence.  The program focuses on the role of individuals in managing performance, building and leading teams, and working effectively within organizations.

Org Leadership At a Glance

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Redlands, Wednesdays, next class starts March 9,2016

Online, next class starts March 7, 2016

Required courses include:

Organizational Leadership Principles and Practice (2 credits)

Explore organizational leadership roles-visionary, manager, director, change agent, supervisor, coach and mentor.  Identify how leadership styles influence the direction of the organization.  Develop an appreciation for how leaders affect day-to-day operations.  Examine how effective leaders communicate operational, tactical, strategic and managerial decisions.

Leading and Managing Teams (3 credits )

Examine how effective teams are led and managed even when you may not have direct authority over team members. Understand hierarchies, team dynamics, when and when not to use teams, aligning teams with organizational goals, managing expectations, communication, and closing out a team project.

Managing and Resolving Conflict (2 credits)

Develop effective conflict management skills. Learn how and when conflicts arise, and identify approaches to manage conflicts with subordinates, peers and supervisors. Know how to engender good will and develop win-win conflict management tactics. Identify interpersonal relationship styles and create conflict resolution strategies that align with individual and organizational goals.

Managing Individual Performance (3 credits)

Explore the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and managers in developing, monitoring and managing individual performance standards.  Topics include motivation, goal setting, supervisory excellence, communication skills, reviewing and managing performance, reward systems, continuous process improvement, situational leadership and aligning performance expectations with your organizations's mission, vision and values.

Organizational Change Management (2 credits)

Identify when, how and why organizational change occurs.  Create approaches to manage change by using intervention strategies, creating buy-in, communicating in a productive and positive manner, identifying the sequence of change and managing resistance.  Learn to leverage opportunities for change in response to opportunities for growth.

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