Healthcare Administration Certificate

Develop important management, supervision and process improvement skills necessary to support today’s complex healthcare industry.

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Redlands, next class starts Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Required courses include:

Healthcare Leadership Principles and Practice (3 credits) [HADCS 302]
Examine the principles of leadership, supervision and management within the healthcare system. Topics include problem solving, management best practices, professionalism within the industry, strategic thinking, management styles and approaches, leadership development, opportunities for improvement and professional development.

Healthcare Quality and Performance Management (2 credits) [HADCS 303]
Learn to improve organizational quality, effectiveness and performance. Topics include quality management, best practices in healthcare systems, project and program management, data analysis, quality improvement standards and benchmarks, performance improvement programs, supervision and teambuilding, regulatory requirements and external accreditation standards.

Healthcare Finance (4 credits) [HADCS 306]
Learn the fundamentals of healthcare financial management, with an emphasis on accounting, financial statements, finance and payment systems, cash flow analysis, risk management, budgeting and capital finance. 

Healthcare Human Resources Management and Labor Relations (3 credits) [HADCS 305]
An overview of human resources management practices in healthcare organizations. Topics include work force planning, labor law, recruitment and retention, training and development, contract physician and nurse management, performance management, regulatory requirements, job analysis and design, and labor relations.

Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics (2 credits) [HADCS 304]
Explore a managerial perspective on the effective use of data and information technology to improve performance in healthcare organizations. Topics include data collection, analysis and security, systems development and deployment, current trends in information systems, limitations of data systems, and aligning information systems with organizational goals and objectives.

Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (2 credits) [HADCS 307]
This course focuses on the role, function and application of strategic planning and market development in healthcare organizations. 

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