Adjunct Faculty Profiles

Mark Talens is currently the North America Technical Sales Manager for Master Data Management at IBM.  Mark has 27 years of I/T experience and has worked with DB2 since 1988.  He has worked as a programmer, DBA and Systems Architect on both the mainframe and distributed platforms. In 2004, Mark co-authored an IBM Redbook on clustering DB2 Databases on Linux.  Mark is the Leader of IBM's Data Warehouse Practitioners Competency Team.  He is a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences and a guest lecturer at USC. 

Balazs Kalman is a Certified Consulting IT Specialist at the IBM Corporation. During his IT career he worked in various industries as software developer, enterprise architect, project manager, manager and consultant. Balazs taught various Information Technology courses at Cal Poly Pomona and at the University of Redlands. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and information systems from Cal Poly Pomona and a master's of science degree from Claremont Graduate University, Claremont California.

 Reza Fatemi is an Information Technology Consultant and Software Architect with extensive experience in enterprise software technology System z Series.  His expertise includes Automation, CICS, IMS, z/OS, z/VM.  Reza has helped businesses all over the world resolve their IT equipment performance challenges.  Reza’s clients include large retailers, credit card processors, telephone, auto, airline, banking and other financial industries. Reza has worked closely with many Fortune 500 and international companies. Reza professional experience spans over 25 years at IBM partners.  He started his career at ADP and American Medical International hospitals in the IT department, where he focused on daily business, performance measurement and maintenance of mainframe hardware.  Reza moved into software development by working with five developers to build MVS software, one of the largest automation products.  Reza has been a Senior Developer and author/co-author on large products marketed by CA, BMC, Rocket Software and IBM.  Reza is well versed in teaching z/OS to developers and staff.  Reza has also presented at several trade shows including CA World and SHARE.  Reza attended Pepperdine University and UCLA.

Norman D Hollander has been in systems programming and information technology management for over four decades, specializing in operating systems, hardware planning, workload management, and performance and tuning.  He is also an international recognized expert in IBM System z.

Norman is currently with IBM Corporation working with Tivoli System Management Solutions and the new zEnterprise platform.  Previously, he was with CA and held positions of senior principle engineering architect, and director of product management for Mainframe 2.0, for Mainframe Software Management and for CA SYSVIEW.  Prior to CA, he worked for Candle Corporation as a senior consultant in performance and monitoring solutions, again, as a System/390, z/OS, and WLM specialist.  Norman has spent many years in enterprise-wide performance and capacity planning in diverse industries, including utilities, financial services, transportation, telecommunications, and higher education.  In addition to the performance and capacity planning responsibilities, Norman has been a systems programmer manager and a project manager for high-profile data center projects.

Norman has been a member, a panelist, a referee, and editor and a mentor for Computer Measurement Group (CMG); EWCP Project Manager, and speaker for SHARE; a speaker for Guide/Share Europe-UK, a speaker for Guide/Share Europe-Nordic, a presenter at IBM's zUniversity (formerly zExpo); a presenter for CAWorld; a contributor to Cheryl Watson's Tuning Newsletter; a contributor to z/Journal (and staff editor); and one of the technical editors for Steve Samson's "MVS Performance Management."

There are more than 1,700 trees on the University of Redlands campus.

In April 2010, it was designated a Tree Campus USA by the Arbor Day Foundation. Redlands is among just three other colleges or universities in California to receive this designation.

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