IBM System z Advisory Committee

Moses Chu is a senior solution consultant specialist at IBM, where his focus is on data center planning, system capacity and performance, and managing z/OS hardware and software upgrades.  Moses is responsible for coaching 29 team members for change/problem management and ITIL compliance.  He provides expert knowledge for IT asset management and configuration management processes.

Moses' teaching experience includes relational database structure, DB2/UDB system administration, Oracle system administration, business process mapping and introduction to z/OS.

Don Resnik is world-wide leader of IBM's System z Academic and Client Skills Initiative.  Over the past seven years, he worked with many businesses and educators to train qualified enterprise systems experts.  His teaching emphasizes "Large Systems Thinking."  He is part of a team that assists universities and colleges world wide in teaching IBM Enterprise Systems.  Don held previous positions at IBM in systems test, development, education and management.  Don joined IBM in NY in 1979.

Mary E. Shacklett is president of Transworld Data, a technology research and market development firm.  Prior to founding the company, Mary was senior vice president of marketing and technology at TCCU, Inc., a financial services firm; vice president of product research and software development for Summit Information Systems, a computer software company; and vice president of strategic planning and technology at FSI International, a multinational manufacturing company in the semiconductor industry.  Mary has business experience in Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim. 

Mary holds a bachelors degree in business from the University of Wisconsin and a masters degree form the University of Southern California, where she taught for several years.  Mary is a noted technology analyst and commentator who has over 1,000 articles, research studies and technology publications in print.

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The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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