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It’s never too late to learn something new, add an area of specialization to your resumé, or develop the skills you need to take the next step in your career or education.  Through a Continuing Studies certificate, individual course, workshop or on-site custom program, these options are available to you. Continuing Studies programs and courses are open enrollment, no formal admission or application required. We offer competitive prices, and an exceptional value.

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About Continuing Studies

Our mission is to serve you, our community.  Your life is growing more complicated, and we hope that the flexibility and convenience of these Continuing Studies courses will make it easier for you to learn new skills and improve yourself.  We want to give you useful and readily accessible knowledge that will bring you real benefits.

We place the utmost importance on giving you a high quality academic experience, and to do this we are drawing on the full resources of the University of Redlands.  We are a fully engaged part of the University, and we work every day with faculty leaders and experts to serve you and a diverse population of your fellow students.  The courses we offer and the teaching we do is aligned with the overall mission of the University and its century-old commitment to students.

We are proud of these certificates, courses and workshops.  We believe our quality sets us apart and we're confident that you'll see how dedicated we are to helping you achieve your goals.

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Athletics are an important part of student life.
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The University softball field was modeled after the one in "Field of Dreams."

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