The Internships offered by Women’s and Gender Studies are both exploratory (WGST 180, 280) and specialized (WGST 380, 480). They offer you the opportunity to engage in various employment and community service projects for credit. Internships can also be student initiated, but these must be negotiated with the director.

The following internships are available each fall and spring semester:

  • WGST 180.01 San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services (4)-- Training to become a volunteer hotline staffer
  • WGST 180.02 Battered Women’s Shelter (2–4)--Training to become a volunteer for Option House Shelter for battered women and their children
  • WGST 180.03 Women’s Center (2–4)--Activities with the campus Women’s Center, specific focus negotiated with the director of Camus Diversity and WGST faculty advisor
  • WGST 180.04–09 Student proposed (2–4)

Additional Internship Information

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