Jury by Trial

Jury by Trial production scene

University of Redlands Theatre Arts Presents:

by John Pixley

March 18-21, 2004

Directed by Victoria Lewis

John Pixley's Jury by Trial is based on a real life incident that the playwright experienced--dismissal from jury duty on the basis of his speech impairment. But Pixley quickly leaves cruel reality behind and jumps into a theatrical universe of comic exaggeration. As the character Joey challenges his fellow jurors to listen to him and decipher his speech, the playwright Pixley treats us to a parade of human voices, a wild crew of unwilling witnesses--a spaced-out record store clerk, a testy LA bus driver, a distracted 18th-century literature professor, and a devoted Sally Jessie Raphael fan. Pixley's vigorous dramatic voice combines the music of a poet with the sharpest of minds.

Synopsis of Scenes Time and Place: Mid 1990's; L.A. County and a(nother) dream therein

ACT I- a courtroom, ACT II- The Jury Room, 15 minutes later


Cast List Juror Voice C/Juror 3  Diana Eneriz
Juror Voice F/Witness 2/Juror 2 Koquina Forte
Juror Voice B/Juror 6 Allison Frost
Juror Voice A/Caller/Juror 1 Darcie Flansburg
Judge Amy Gabriel
Juror Voice E/Witness 1/Juror 4 Thor Grant
Juror Voice D/Juror 5 Daniel McIntyre
Defense  Rene Ogletree
Joey John Pixley 

Mr. John Pixley's Biography

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