Until Death Do Us Part

Poster for student production of Until Death Do Us Part

Ladies' Man by Georges Feydeau
A Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekov
These Cornfields by Georges Courteline

March 12-15, 2009

Directed by John Achorn
Set Design by Daniel Cork
Costume Design by Sarah Butterworth, Michaela Petrovich, and Nephelie Andonyadis
Lighting Design by Alexandra Takeda

"Until Death Do Us Part" is an evening of short one-act plays consisting of three classic domestc farces on love and marriage. The first Devplay, Ladies' Man by Georges Feydeau, looks at two women who both are about to be engaged and the advice the older lady offers to the younger - and how the tables are turned in the end! Next is Anton Chekov's well-known play The Marrige Proposal about a young man proposing marriage to his neighbor's daughter and the mistaken results that occur from his nervous attempts at getting to it. Finally we have Georges Courteline's These Cornfields, a raucous farce about a borgeois married couple and a gentleman who figures to spend the winter in their Manhattan abode, with unexpected results.

The plays were all written between 1880 and 1900 and will be presented as period pieces in an intimate setting in this fast-paced evening of comedy.


 Ladies' Man
 Angelique  Jo Nelius
 Valentine  Devan Liljedaul
 A Marriage Proposal
 Lomov  Nicholas K Zaharopoulos
 Natalia  Kelly Odor
 Cubukov  Ryan Stewart
 These Cornfields
 Felicity  Jenny Aaron
 Herring  Adam Chovayzi
 Mr. Cornfield  Jeffrey Groff
 Mrs. Cornfield  Lauren Ammatuna

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