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Theatre Arts in 2012-14 Catalog

The Major 

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre emphasizes the collaborative process and nurtures the theatre artist in body, intellect, and spirit. Students are encouraged to pursue diverse theatre goals, cultivate individual expression, and understand theatre as a tool for social and cultural discourse.

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

The theatre degree requires a minimum of 44 approved theatre credits. Each theatre major must complete the following foundation classes (32 credits):

  • THA 105 Production Credit (four sections required for a minimum of 4 credits)
  • THA 125 Stage Design Fundamentals
  • THA 130 Introduction to Theatre Technology
  • THA 140 Acting Fundamentals
  • THA 251 Changing Stages: Theatre History Part I
  • THA 252 Changing Stages: Theatre History Part II
  • THA 300 Play Analysis: Page to Stage
  • THA 425 Theatre Arts Senior Seminar

In addition to foundation classes, theatre majors must choose 12 credits of theatre electives,  4 of which must be at the 300 level. Theatre electives are as follows:

  • THA 100 Experiencing Theatre
  • THA 200 Voice and Movement for Performers
  • THA 210 Playwriting
  • THA 225 Set Design Techniques
  • THA 226 Costume Design Techniques
  • THA 230 Theatre Management
  • THA 240 Acting Techniques
  • THA 260 Theatre Topics
  • THA 310 Directing for the Stage
  • THA 325 Advanced Design Workshop
  • THA 340 Advanced Acting
  • THA 350 Dramaturgy


The minor is designed to engage students in the many disciplines of theatre arts and to provide the opportunity to develop creative expression within the context of a wellrounded liberal arts education. Students are required to complete the following courses for a total of 18 credits:

1. Students are required to complete the following courses for a total of 22 credits: THA 105 (2 sections), 125, 130, 140, 251 and/or 252.

2. Students choose two additional courses from Theatre Department Electives and/ or from courses approved for cross-listing towards degree credit, for a minimum of 6 credits.


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