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by Dustin Lance Black

The University of Redlands Theatre Arts Department is hosting a reading of the play “8” on February 9th at 8:00 p.m. in the Glenn Wallichs Theatre. This is a perfect time to come and experience “8,” the play by award-winning screenwriter and gay rights activist Dustin Lance Black which explores California’s decision to overturn Proposition 8, the voter initiative that restricts the right of gay and lesbian Californians to marry.   

The University of Redlands’ own distinguished alum David Boies led the legal battle to overturn Prop. 8 in the U.S. District Court in northern California in 2009, and will continue his fight for equality through participation in the Supreme Court hearings. This February 9th staged reading in the Glenn Wallichs Theatre is directed by Chris Beach and features Inland Empire leaders and University administrators reading the parts of the various people involved in the California court case. 

“8” is the unprecedented account of the Federal District Court trial in Perry v. Schwarzenegger (now Perry v. Brown), the case filed by the American Federation of Equal Rights (AFER) to overturn Proposition 8. The script is based on actual words of the trial transcripts, first-hand observations of the courtroom drama and interviews with the plaintiffs and their families. 

The play’s script incorporates pathos in conveying the difficult and sometimes painful experiences of the cases’ plaintiffs and those involved in the fight for equality, and yet a great deal of humor is infused in addressing this complex subject.   

Admission is free, but donations are encouraged and will go to support the continuing efforts of AFER. Visit for more information. Donations to this site will be recorded as part of the University of Redlands Theatre Arts staged reading.

Saturday -  February 9th - 8:00 PM - Glenn Wallichs Theatre

 Mr. Boies  James Appleton
 Dr. Segura  Roberto Argentina
 Spencer   Isaak Berliner
 Dr. Nancy Cott  Char Burgess
 Mr. Cooper  Larry Burgess
 Mr. Blankenhorn  David Fleming
 Dr. Tam  Kelly Hankin
 Kris  Lynn Hanna
 Maggie Gallagher  Priya Jha
 Mr. Olson  Ralph Kuncl
 Jeffrey  Leif Lind
 Broadcast Journalist  Leela MadhavaRau
 Ryan Kendall  Steve Morics
 Dr. Meyer  Keith Osajima
 Elliot  Chrisopher Poole
 Paul  Taylor Ruhl
 Evan Wolfsan  Eric Shamp
 Court Reporter/Clerk  Nicholas Sousa
 Sandy  Trish Thrasher
 Judge Walker  John Walsh
 Dr. Herek  Keith Wolgemuth

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