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Spanish in 2012-14 Catalog

The Major

A major in Spanish consists of 44 credits beyond SPAN 201–202. Spanish majors may choose an emphasis in Latin American or Spanish literature, culture, and civilization. Students who start at the fourth-year level are considered to have completed the equivalent of 8 of these 44 credits. These apply only to the major, not toward the total credits required for graduation. At least 30 credits must be in prescribed courses other than individualized study, and at least 28 of these credits must be earned at the University of Redlands. Language courses must be taken in the correct sequence. A language placement exam is required, and through departmental placement, a student may enter the sequence at a place beyond SPAN 101, but no student can subsequently receive credit for a course that is numbered lower than the highest course previously completed by that student.

Bachelor of Arts Requirements

  1. SPAN 301–302
  2. SPAN 424
  3. 8 credits from SPAN 426–427 or 436–437
  4. 4 credits from SPAN 425 or 435
  5. SPAN 458 and 459
  6. Three additional 400 level Spanish courses Students who plan to major in Spanish should discuss their programs of study with faculty advisors as early as possible.

The Minor

A minor in Spanish consists of 24 credits beyond SPAN 202. Requirements: SPAN 301–302 or equivalent, plus four other courses numbered SPAN 225 or above. At least 12 of these credits must be earned at the University of Redlands.

Advanced Placement

Spanish Language: Students receiving a score of three on the Advanced Placement Test receive 4 credits; those who score four or five receive 8 credits.

Spanish Literature: Students with scores of four or five receive 8 credits toward the major.

Study Abroad

May Term Semester in Ecuador: Students will spend May Term in Ecuador. They will live with Ecuadorian families and experience the culture first hand. They will travel to different geographical zones to experience and learn about the three distinct ecosystems, including the volcanic, the highlands of the Andes, and the cloud forest. The students will learn about the Ecuadorian culture, including urban Ecuadorian society as well as indigenous groups. The May Term session may be counted toward the minor.

Semester and Full-Year Programs Abroad: Students should consult with the Study Abroad office. Students should discuss their program of study with the Spanish faculty before departure or will not receive credit in Spanish.


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