Bachelor of Arts Requirements

All students must take the following core courses:

  • SOAN 100 Introduction to Sociology¬†
  • SOAN 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology OR SOAN 104 Introduction to Archaeology
  • An appropriate 300-level methods course (SOAN 300-309)
  • An appropriate 300-level theory course (SOAN 390-399)
  • SOAN 400 Senior Capstone

SOAN 100, 102, and 104 typically are taken before the end of the sophomore year, and SOAN 400 is taken in the senior year. Students typically take the theory and methods courses by the Spring semester of the junior year to prepare for upper division coursework.

All students take the following electives:

  • Two SOAN courses at the 200 level
  • Sufficient electives at the 300 or 400 level to bring the total up to 44 units, to be selected in consultation with the major advisor.

Courses taken with departmental faculty through interdisciplinary programs such as Johnston Center may be counted toward these requirements with the permission of that faculty member or the department chair.

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