Program Learning Outcomes

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Bachelor of Arts

Goal 1: Knowledge Base of Psychology
Use the concepts, language, major theories, and perspectives of the discipline to account for psychological phenomena.

Goal 2: Research Methods in Psychology
Identify how to conduct basic studies to address psychological questions using appropriate research methods and evaluate the appropriateness of conclusions derived from psychological research and design.

Goal 3: Critical Thinking Skills in Psychology
Recognize and evaluate arguments and other persuasive appeals and approaches to problems.

Goal 4: Application of Psychology
Identify how psychological principles can be used to explain social issues and inform public policy and apply psychological concepts, theories, and research findings as these relate to everyday life.

Goal 5: Values in Psychology
Evaluate scientific evidence for psychological claims and tolerate ambiguity and realize that psychological explanations are often complex and tentative.

Goal 6: Information and Technological Literacy
Interpret graphical representations of data, statistical analysis, and ethical situations pertaining to research.

Goal 7: Communication Skills
Demonstrate effective writing skills in various formats (e.g., essays, correspondence, technical papers, note taking) and for various purposes (e.g., informing, defending, explaining, persuading, arguing, teaching).

Goal 8: Sociocultural and International Awareness
Identify how privilege, power, and oppression may affect prejudice, discrimination, and inequity, and how interactions among diverse people can challenge conventional understanding of psychological processes and behavior.

Goal 9: Personal Career Development
Reflect on personal experiences and find meaning in them and apply psychological principles to promote personal development and describe preferred career paths based on accurate self-assessment of abilities, achievement, motivation, and work habits.

Learning outcomes for all graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences


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