Kathleen Silva

Assoc Professor, Psychology

Degrees: Ph.D., Psychology, Indiana University

Office: Psychology, Larsen Hall #116

Phone: 909/748-8674



Areas of Expertise

  • Animal learning
  • Behavior modification
  • Comparative psychology

Description of Research

Dr. Silva studies response forms during Pavlovian conditioning, the comparative analysis of physical cognition, and the modification of musical preferences. For example, she recently has been studying how people’s musical preferences are influenced by authority figures (critics) and modifiable through Pavlovian conditioning, and to what extent people’s understanding of physical causality is modified by learning.

Courses Offered at Redlands

  • Statistical Methods
  • Research Methods
  • Sport Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychology


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Silva, F. J., & Silva, K. M. (2012).  More but not less uncertainty makes adult humans' tool selections more similar to those reported with crows.  Learning & Behavior, 40, 494-506.

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Silva, K. M, & Silva, F. J. (2009). What radio can do to increase a song’s appeal: A study of Canadian music presented to American college students. Psychology of Music, 37, 181-194.

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Silva, F. J., Silva, K. M., Cover, K. R., Leslie, A. L., & Rubalcaba, M. A. (2008). Humans’ folk physics is sensitive to physical connection and contact between a tool and reward. Behavioural Processes, 77, 327-333.


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