Degree Programs

Prelaw in 2012-14 Catalog

The Major 

Students should plan a major in a specific discipline in consultation with their advisors. Typically the major would be from one of the following departments: economics, government, history, English, philosophy, or sociology and anthropology.

Recommended Central Courses

We recommend that prelaw students select a minimum of eight courses from the following list:

ACCT 210 Principles of Financial Accounting and Reporting
ACCT 220 Principles of Managerial Accounting
ECON 250 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 251 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 350 Intermediate Microeconomics
ENGL 110 Poetry
ENGL 130 Introduction to American Literature
ENGL 161 Studies in Literature: Law and Literature
ENGL 201 Analysis of Literature
ENGL 309 Persuasive Writing
GOVT 111 American National Government and Politics
GOVT 301 California Politics
GOVT 306 Constitutional Law: National and State Powers
GOVT 307 Constitutional Law: Liberty and Authority
GOVT 310 Classical Political Thought
GOVT 400 Judicial Policy
GOVT 485 Specialized Internship in Law
HIST 121 American Civilization I
HIST 122 American Civilization II
PHIL 120 Ethics and Social Philosophy
PHIL 130 Reasoning and Logic
PHIL 320 Ethics and Law
SPCH 110 Fundamentals of Speech

Recommended Elective Courses

Students are advised to take at least five courses in this area, taking care not to duplicate courses in the Liberal Arts Foundation or those from the major. (Specific courses are determined by students in consultation with their advisors.)

BUS 310 Principles of Management and Organization Behavior
ECON 352 Industrial Organization and Public Policy
ECON 354 Public Finance
ECON 355 Environmental and Resource Economics
ENGL 121 Introduction to British Literature
ENGL 133 African American Literature
ENGL 139 Chicana/o Literature
ENGL 210 Poetry
ENGL 222 Shakespeare
GOVT 123 Introduction to World Politics
GOVT 304 Congress and the Bureaucracy
GOVT 308 American Presidency
GOVT 314 Modern Political Thought
GOVT 318 American Political Thought and Practice
GOVT 320 Governments and Politics of Europe
GOVT 344 International Law and Organization
HIST 111 European Civilization: Early Modern
HIST 112 European Civilization: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
HIST 211 Political Extremism
PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
SOAN 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOAN 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOAN 205 Social Issues
SOAN 330 Crime and Delinquency
SOAN 426 Political Economy
SPCH 200 Forensics


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