Senior Theses

The following is a list of recent senior theses by physics majors.

Year Thesis Title Student
 2014 Detecting Exoplanet Transit with Small University Telescopes
Erik Davies
  Quantifying Optical Image Quality using Ballastic Photon Properties in 10% Intralipid Media
Rachael Hachadorian
  Investigating Seismic Engineering
Samuel Johnson
  Age-Rotation Relations for Young Low-mass Stars Within 25 Parsecs
 Benjamin Kidder
  Computationally Modeling Heat Conduction in Micro-combustor Channel Walls and the Effects in Flame Position and Stability Freeman Levine
  Characteristics of Non-Symmetric Edge Flames in Narrow Channels
Casey McGrath
  Parametric Equalization to Negate the Effects of Acoustic Transmission Loss
Murphy Ryan
2013 Studying Defects in a One-Dimensional Lattice Francis Acquaye
  Improved Models for the Modes of a Loaded String Michael Garcia 
  Sounds and Spaces: Designing spatial localization and room acoustic labs Amanda Nussbaum
2012 Micro-Combustion: Modeling Reignition and Hot Spots on Channel Walls Duncan Ashby
  “Equal Strangeness”: Time in Relativity and To the Lighthouse Emily Poore
2011 Thin Film Deposition: Evaporating Metal David Anderson
  Better Astronomy Through Robotics Taniela Havea
  Applications of Muon Physics Michael Nadal
  Atmospheric study of HAT-P-7b in the Near-Infrared Nathaniel Rodriguez
2010 Analysis of a convection origin for the Iapetus ridge Emily Dahlberg
  The Conductivity of Focused Ion Beam Carbon Depositions and the Josephson junction of (TMTSF)2ClO4 Liam Norris

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