Single Subject Teacher Credential

A physics degree combined with a Single Subject Teaching Credential will allow you to teach physics in high school or middle school. Often, students complete the teacher preparation program during a fifth year of study after completing a bachelor's degree. However, undergraduates at the University of Redlands may enroll in the Undergraduate Program for Teacher Preparation while completing a bachelor's degree after satisfying the credential program prerequisites. There are several coureswork and non-coursework requirements that students must satisfy before registering for the credential courses, so interested students should meet with advisors in the Physics Department and the School of Education as early as possible. With careful planning, it is possible to meet all the requirements for both a bachelor's degree and a teacher credential as an undergraduate.

The Single Subject Teaching Credential is particularly compatible with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics. The Physics Department recommends that students seeking a California Single Subject Secondary Teaching Credential in physics complete a minor in another academic area commonly taught in secondary schools, such as chemistry or mathematics.

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