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Physics investigates and models nature in the most precise and fundamental ways possible. It is a driving force in the continual scientific and technological revolutions that define the modern world. Our program offers rigorous training in the fundamentals of physics, from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics.

In addition to course work, students have the opportunity to perform research with faculty in the areas of astronomy, planetary science, condensed matter and optics. This program prepares students for work or graduate studies in physics, astronomy, engineering and other technical fields. Many students combine a degree in physics with studies in math, chemistry or computer science to prepare for interdisciplinary technical fields.

It is is extremely important to take the right courses in your first year so that you can graduate in a timely manner.  Please, read this advice for entering students interested in majoring in physics.

Through our engineering combined-degree program, you can major in physics at the University of Redlands and in engineering at Columbia University or Washington University. 

Alan DeWeerd
Department Chair
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Casavant Pipe Organ

The 83-year-old instrument was fully restored in 2003 and features 4,266 pipes.

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