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Philosophy in 2012-14 Catalog

The Major

The Philosophy Department offers (1) a general philosophy major, (2) a philosophy major with an emphasis in Chinese philosophy, and (3) a philosophy major with an emphasis on ethics. As PHIL 200 and PHIL 220 are prerequisites for a number of advanced courses, majors are encouraged to plan to take these two courses by the end of their second year.

The Minor

The minor in philosophy consists of 24 credits, including the following:

  • One introductory-level course in Philosophy
  • Two history of Philosophy courses (either PHIL 200 Greek Philosophy and PHIL 220 17th- and 18th-Century Philosophy or PHIL 150 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy and a 300-level course in Chinese Philosophy)
  • A capstone experience that either (a)integrates a philosophical component into the student’s major capstone project (with the consent of the major department), (b) follows one of the two options for the Philosophy major capstone, or (c) consists of an appropriate advanced (300 or 400 level) course which includes a major writing project (course and project to be approved by the department as fulfilling the capstone).

Students electing to minor in Philosophy should consult an advisor in the department and are encouraged to explore ways to integrate the minor with their major. 

See the Three Year Plan for courses being offered.



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