Math Placement


Welcome Incoming Students!

Incoming students are placed into a MATH 100/101 (Finite Math), MATH 118/119 (Integrated Calculus) or MATH 121 (Calculus I) class using the Math Placement Diagnostic. Placement into MATH 122/221 (Calculus II and III) is by AP/AB scores and interview with math faculty only. Faculty will be availble for calculus interviews at the Math Placement Diagnostic testing period during New Student Week.

Some students will place into our 1 credit Mathematics Lab for Basic skills, MATH 001L. This class is indended to help students review their mathematics skills before enrolling in MATH 100/101. Students who need calculus for their major, but do not place into MATH 110/119 will be advised to enroll in our 1 credt Mathematics Lab for Precalculus skills, MATH 002L (offered only in the spring). This class will help prepare you for success in the calculus sequence.

The Math Placement Diagnostic is a computer based exam offered during new student week. The exam is self paced and does not have a time constraint. There are no retakes of the math placement exam, so please try to do as well as possible. You may take any mathematics class below the number into which you place. A calculator is provided on the computer, please do not bring your own.

For more information or if you have any questions or doubts about math placement, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at

Students must bring their U of R student ID number and MyRedlands/Moodle login information to the Math Placement Diagnostic exam. There will be a calculator available on the computer and students will not be allowed to use their own.


 All students will consult with their advisors before enrolling in classes.

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