Math Placement


Welcome Incoming Students!

Incoming students are placed into a MATH 100/101 class using SAT or ACT Math and English scores. Placement into Calculus is by AP/AB scores. Any student who wants to take Calculus by does not have AP/AB scores can be placed by taking the Math Placement Diagnostic. Any student who does not place into MATH 100/101 with their test scores is required to take the Math Placement Diagnostic.

The Math Placement Diagnostic is a computer based exam offered during new student week. The exam is self paced and does not have a time constraint.

For more information or if you have any questions or doubts about math placement, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Students must bring their U of R student ID number and MyRedlands/Moodle login information to the challenge exam. There will be a calculator available on the computer and students will not be allowed to use their own.


Make-up testing is available for all students and offered twice during the school year. Students may not sign up for a math class that they did not place into, so please plan to take the placement diagnostic exam well before you plan to enroll in a mathematics class.

Please e-mail the mathematics department to get your name on the make-up test e-mail list.

Fall Semester - A student can re-take the placement diagnostic exam on the first Thursday of Fall Semester.

Spring Semester - A student can re-take the placement diagnostic exam on the first Thursday of Spring Semester.


NOTE: All students can find their placement information on myRedlands, WebAdvisor. Your placement information is listed under Academic Profile - Test Summary.


 All students will consult with their advisors before enrolling in classes.

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