Program Learning Outcomes

The University of Redlands' early years


Bachelor of Arts

By graduation History majors will… 

  1. Competently articulate understanding of historical continuity and change across region and time; 
  2. Proficiently identify, compare, and evaluate conflicting historiographical traditions; 
  3. Thoughtfully enter into disciplinary debates through cogent and reasoned written and oral communication; 
  4. Responsibly appraise the provenance, context, and conventions of primary and secondary sources while adhering to disciplinary standards of ethical research practices and academic integrity; 
  5. And actively chart an intentional course through the major and articulate understanding of themselves as thinkers, scholars, and historians.

Learning outcomes for all graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences

Design through Math
Appleton Hall

The back of the University of Redlands own Appleton Hall contains a mathematically designed ‘Echo Chamber’ that uses calculated angles to refract sound.

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