Ed Wingenbach

Assoc Provost, Acad Affairs

Degrees: Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, Department of Government and International Studies, May, 1997; B.A., Lake Forest College, May, 1991

Office: VP Academic Affairs, Administration Bldg

Phone: 909/748-8385 Campus Ext. 8385




Areas of Expertise

  • Democratic Theory
  • Twentieth-Century European Political Thought

Professional Background

Ed Wingenbach a professor in the Government Department and is currently serving as interim Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs. His research interests include contemporary political theory, democratic theory and the scholarship of teaching and learning. His articles have appeared in some of the top journals political science. His book, Institutionalizing Agonistic Democracy, will be published in the Ashgate series "Rethinking Political and International Theory" in 2011. In 2006 he received the University of Redlands Award for Outstanding Service.

Courses Offered at Redlands

History of Political Philosophy

  • Classical Political Thought
  • Modern Political Thought
  • American Political Thought

Contemporary Political Theory

  • Contemporary Political Thought
  • Democratic Theory
  • Feminist Political Theory
  • Politics and Morality
  • American Conservatism

Advanced Seminars in Government

  • Human Rights and Cultural Relativism
  • Heidegger and Postmodernism
  • Recent work in Political Theory
  • Oxford Style Theory Tutorial
  • Democratic Theory
  • Senior Capstone Course

Interdisciplinary Courses

  • Human Rights and Globalization
  • Heidegger

First Year Seminars

  • Taking the Constitution Seriously
  • How to Predict an Election
  • Big Ideas and Excessive Readings
  • Living Communities


  • Multiple Independent Studies
  • Multiple Senior Thesis Committees (in Government, Art History, Philosophy, and Proudian Honors Program)

Degrees Held

  • University of Notre Dame, Department of Government and International Studies Ph.D., May, 1997
  • Lake Forest College B.A., May, 1991

Previous Teaching Experience

  • San Diego State
  • University of South Carolina

Awards, Honors and Grants

  • Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies Seminar on Ancient Greece across the Curriculum: Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns (Sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges), 2008
  • University of Redlands Award for Distinguished Service, 2006
  • Journal of Politics Award for Best Paper Published in the Journal of Politics, 2001
  • Mortar Board Excellence in Teaching Award, University of South Carolina, 1998
  • Higgens Labor Research Center John Joyce Award for best graduate student paper on the American Worker, 1998
  • Shaheen Graduate School Award in Social Science, 1997

Selected Publications, Presentations and Panels

Institutionalizing Agonistic Democracy: Post-Foundationalism and Political Liberalism (Surrey, UK: Ashgate Press, 2011).

“Heidegger,” in Palgrave Advances in Continental Political Thought, eds. Terrell Carver & James Martin (Palgrave Press, 2006), pp. 91-105.

“Liberalism and Conservatism,” in Polling America: An Encyclopedia of Public Opinion, eds. Benjamin Radcliff and Sam Best, (Greenwood Press, 2005), pp. 411-423.

“Survivor, Social Choice, and the Impediments to Political Rationality: Reality TV as Social Science Experiment,” Survivor Lessons: Communications Issues Under a Watchful Eye, eds. Matthew J. Smith and Andrew F. Wood (McFarland and Company Press, 2003), 132-150.

“Preference Aggregation, Functional Pathologies, and Democracy: A Social Choice Defense of Participatory Democracy” (Ben Radcliff, co-author), The Journal of Politics 62 (November, 2000), pp. 977-998.

“Refusing the Temptation of Innocence: Levinasian Ethics as Political Theory,” Strategies: Journal of Theory, Culture, and Politics 12 (November, 1999), pp. 219-238.

“Unjust Context: The Priority of Stability in Rawls's Contextualized Theory of Justice,” American Journal of Political Science 43 (January, 1999), pp. 213-232.

“Justice After Liberalism: Democracy and Global Citizenship,” Citizenship After Liberalism, eds. Mark Denham and Karen Slawner (NY: Peter Lang, 1998), pp. 147-166.

“Liberating Responsibility: The Levinasian Ethic of Being and Time,” International Philosophical Quarterly 36 (March, 1996), pp. 29-45.

“Sexual Difference and the Possibility of Justice: Irigaray's Transformative Politics,” International Studies in Philosophy 28 (April, 1996), pp. 117-134.

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