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Government in 2012-14 Catalog

The Major

Bachelor of Arts

The major in government consists of a minimum of 44 credits. GOVT 111 and 123 are required and must be completed before the junior year.

In addition, students must complete the following requirements:

  1. The Study of Politics: One course from GOVT 200-205
  2. American Politics: One course from GOVT 301–308, 360
  3. Comparative Politics: One course from GOVT 217, 236, 320, 322-337, 362
  4. International Relations: One course from GOVT 240-244, 344–351, 364
  5. Political Theory: One course from 310–319, 321, 361
  6. Advanced Seminars: Two courses from GOVT 400–440

With prior approval of their academic advisors and the Government Department chair, students may count upper-division courses offered by other departments, off-campus coursework (such as Washington Semester or foreign study programs), internships and individualized study courses for up to 12 credits toward the major or minor.

Students who plan to major in government should work closely with their advisors to select appropriate courses outside the department to expand the breadth of their education. Of particular importance as foundations are HIST 122, ECON 250 and/or ECON 251, SOAN 100, statistics, and courses in writing and speech.

Since government courses are an integral part of the international relations major, students are not permitted to major or minor in both government and international relations.

Social Science Program

This is a program for students planning to teach government or social science at the secondary school level. Information on the program, approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, is available from the Government Department office. Prospective credential candidates must coordinate advising with the coordinator of the program in the government department and the School of Education.

The Minor

A minor in government consists of a minimum of 24 credits in the department and must include GOVT 111 and 123.



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