Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Business Requirements

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Organizations around the globe are increasingly working across traditional corporate, non-government organizations and governmental boundaries to successfully address complex environmental issues, making Environmental or ”green” Business one of the most vibrant segments of the global economy.

Environmental Business includes a variety of sectors such as:

  • Large, established companies that want to improve their environmental performance
  • Consulting companies that provide environmental management services
  • Non-profit organizations ranging from lobbying groups to those that provide services to low-income populations
  • Municipal, state and federal agencies that want to improve quality of life and decrease the environmental impact of their activities
  • Producers of environmental technology such as renewable energy systems and emission reduction equipment
  • Producers of environmentally-friendly products including those with reduced or eliminated toxins

To meet the demand for qualified individuals in these organizations, the University of Redlands now offers a new B.A. in Environmental Business. This is one of four undergraduate degree tracks in the Environmental Studies program and is the result of a collaborative effort between the Environmental Studies program and the Business Administration and Accounting department.

Students who choose to major in Environmental Business take core courses that give them a comprehensive background in earth science, ecology, geographic information systems (GIS), environmental ethics and environmental assessment. In addition, these students will take a dedicated Environmental Business class and complete coursework in management, accounting, economics and marketing. All majors must complete an off-campus internship and finish their senior year with a capstone project. The capstone provides an opportunity for the student to bring together his/her cumulative experience into a focused, interdisciplinary projectperfect preparation for success after graduation.

Requirements include the core courses plus

  • Overview: An approved topics course in Environmental Business
  • Finance: ACCT 210
  • Marketing: BUS 131
  • Economics: ECON 155 or ECON 250
  • Two business or economics electives; choose from: ECON 355 BUS 310 BUS 320, BUS 444


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