Tim Krantz

Professor, Environ Studies

Degrees: Ph.D., Geography, University of California at Berkeley, 1994; M.A., Latin American Studies, Stanford University, 1991; B.A., Ethnobotany, University of Redlands, 1977

Office: Environmental Studies, Lewis Hall #121

Phone: 909/748-8590 Campus Ext. 8590



Current Research and Areas of Expertise

Dr. Krantz is a Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer at the Vienna Technical University. His Fulbright assignment involves facilitating programmatic environmental policy and technology transfer between Austria and California under the auspices of a Memorandum of Understanding that he co-authored between the two governments.

Dr. Krantz is working with an Austrian-based company and the City of Redlands to develop a biomass gasification power plant that will convert 30,000 tons of municipal solid waste and 4,000 tons of biosolids (sewage sludge) into 1Megawatt of electricity, 6MW-equivalent of synthetic gas, and 4MW of caloric energy.

Professional Background

Dr. Krantz has broad experience in the field of Environmental Science. For the past several years, his research has focused on renewable energy technologies, sustainable buildings and communities—where he is working with local agencies and developers to integrate land use planning, architecture and RE technologies.

He has 30+ years of land use planning and environmental impact assessment experience, specializing in endangered species mitigation, environmental remediation and ecological restoration projects. He has worked on more than 150 environmental assessments, evaluating a wide range of projects, from urban development, to mining applications and oil and chemical remediation.

Dr. Krantz is a recognized authority on the Salton Sea, where he served as the Salton Sea Database Program Director for eight years, overseeing a $4.7 million federal-assistance grant to develop a regional geographic database for the area. He served on the Salton Sea Science Subcommittee—an inter-agency panel established by then-Secretary of Interior, Bruce Babbitt; is the Senior Editor of the Salton Sea Atlas, and author of several encyclopedia entries on the Salton Sea and related topics.

Dr. Krantz is the foremost authority on the flora of the San Bernardino Mountains, having published a compilation of more than 15,000 herbarium collection records of the 1,600 plant species known to occur within the range; and has broad expertise with plant taxonomy and ornithology in the Southwestern U.S., Central America, Hawaii, and French Polynesia.

Courses Offered at Redlands

  • Sustainable Buildings and Communities
  • Physical Geography
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Geography of Southern California
  • Design Studios (various applied resource management and land use planning projects)
  • Plant Taxonomy
  • Ornithology

Degrees Held

  • Ph.D., Geography, University of California at Berkeley, 1994
  • M.A., Latin American Studies, Stanford University, 1991
  • B.A., Ethnobotany, University of Redlands, 1977

Professional Experience

  • 30+ years of environmental assessment and land use planning experience
  • Served on the San Bernardino County Planning Commission for six years from 1982-1988
  • Senior Associate Scientist with Levine-Fricke-Recon from 1995-1997, an environmental engineering company based in Emeryville, California, where he was in charge of the Ecological Services Division for the nationwide firm, primarily directing chemical and oil remediation and ecological restoration projects

Awards, Honors and Grants

  • Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer, Vienna, Austria, 2009-2010
  • Invited U.S. delegate to the Trans-Atlantic Research and Development Interchange on Sustainability (TARDIS), held at Schloss Seggau, Austria, October, 2008
  • Invited U.S. delegate to the inaugural George C. Marshall Visit to Austria Program, October, 2007
  • Alumni Achievement Award for Environmental Planning, University of Redlands, 1989
  • Outstanding Achievement Award, for founding the Big Bear Valley Preserve system, The Nature Conservancy, 1988
  • Certificate of Honor, for six years of service on the San Bernardino County Planning Commission, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, 1988
  • Rare Plant Conservation Award, California Native Plant Society, 1987

Publications, Presentations and Panels

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